THE STORY OF A CRAB, MY DADAND A KODAK CAMERA

Like all other photographers I read about, they remember their first camera. I am no different.  I had a little Kodak Brownie. As a child, I snapped everything. I really loved taking photos of family, animals and the pretty places we visited in my childhood. I probably took thousands of funny and silly photos and I do have few of my favorites after all these years. When I was eight, we were living overseas. A summer along the Adriatic coast. I think at the time I needed to add some action shots to my portfolio. The beach was a perfect backdrop and I chose my father was my subject. Now I needed to create the action. As luck would have it, a crab crossed my and there it was ... the action part of the photo.I crept over to my father, stuck the crab down his bathing suit, and clicked away¡ AS one claw engaged onto his backside, i got my shot¡ There was a sequence of three images but the actual MOMENT of impact was lost but the memory ... never!!